America's Casino History

The history of casino in the US is quite a long story to take. The gambling industry played a role in the history of the United States of America starting from the wild west, the colonies, and the underground bars ans a whole lot more. The laws regarding gambling in US have already changed as time passed by and along with the ever growing prohibitions against casino gambling following some relaxing laws.

The attitudes of the American colonies towards casino gambling varies a lot. The Puritan-founded colonies was the one who strongly disapproved on gamings in the form of cards and dice. On the other hand, the colonies that was founded by the English were more tolerant about the casino gambling. They even considered casino as their past time activity. In the early 1800, casino gambling and other gaming houses had finally evolved in the new United States. The New Orleans was the center for gambling. The saloons and casino houses in New Orleans included games from the old west such as blackjack and poker.

During the time of California gold rush, casino gambling was legal since the government at that time gave license and regulated casino houses. Among the popular games were the bluff, faro and most dice games. The New Orleans was that gambling capital of the United States of America for about forty years. San Francisco then replaced the throne since the California gold rush gave out free flowing gold.

However, in the year 1850 and the early 1900's, California criminalize gambling but it still remained legal in Las Vegas Nevada. During that time, casino gambling never reached the glory in Las Vegas like what it was in San Francisco. Gambling was also criminalize in other states of the country during that era. But then casino gambling was inevitable that it continued to run in closed doors. When casino gambling was illegal, casinos continued its operation in private houses and clubs.

In 1931, casino gambling was again legalized originating in Nevada. In the year 1930;s, there were about 21 states who legalized casino gambling. Casino gambling continued its flock in Las Vegas Nevada with low stakes on bingo. Casino then began to flourish in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1970's. The Supreme Court provided a fundamental decision that allowed gambling to the native American reservations. Since then, casino gambling spread like wildfire in the entire country and extended to other continents invading the globe.